KABREW – an intricate dance of Earth and Fire

We acknowledge the importance of nourishment and purity and these are the very ideals that go into the art of crafting our coffee. The complex and beautiful ecosystem of the “Victory Estate” is the birthplace of our coffee beans. The journey of our coffee beans from our estates to you is our story of  passion and devotion to the art of brewing. From handpicking and nurturing the coffee beans to the end product, we ensure that our signature taste is what lingers on in your memory after having a cup. The mild cocoa and woody undertones are perfected by fire, in a process called roasting.

Our process creates the distinct flavours of Kabrew, the coffee, that you, our customers will come to love and enjoy.

Seeta - 100% ARABICA

 To welcome you to a bright and warm day with a hot cup of our light and airy Arabica.

Thok - 100% Robusta

For you to sit by a window on a warm sunset evening and take a moment for yourself after a tiring day of labour. Here’s our strong cup of Robusta.

Kapi - Blended Coffee

The coffee that blends in perfectly with your day! Be it with breakfast or accompanying you to your long hours of meeting, our blended coffee brings the best of Arabica and Robusta to adjust to your everyday and anyday moods.

Origin and Art

KABREW, coffee grown and nurtured in Coorg, was established in the year 2018. The coffee estates are located at an elevation of 2,300 feet above sea level.

The coffee beans are nurtured with the utmost care and precision. They are grown and ripened, handpicked, and sun dried for nearly 5 days. These are referred to as “Cherries”. The dried cherries are then taken to the huller to remove the outer layer exposing the green coffee beans with a fine membrane.

These beans are then graded by size and subjected to a roasting process which involves selection of an appropriate grade of beans, temperature range for roasting and duration of roasting, among other primary factors. The roasted beans then undergo cupping and tasting before reaching your beautiful homes.

Inspired by the river Cauvery

Coffee beans have long been used for their therapeutic properties. Being rich in caffeine, anti-oxidants, Vitamin B3, chlorogenic acid and many other nutrients, our method creates products for all types of skin through a rigorous R&D process. KAVV is our product line that caters to your skin care needs and is wholly natural.







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